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We will supply you with the complete programme: Robust rotary encoders for the cam controllers EPR, EPC, couplings, connecting cables.

The EPRPRO PC software is an efficient, easy-to-operate software tool for programming, simulation, data transmission and documentation. It can be configured for all the EPR, EPC controllers.

Product Page: EPR-WG - Rotary Encoder

Eigenschaft Wert
Applications Absolute binary shaft encoder
360/rotation for
EPR16, EPR48, EPC16, EPC48
Supply voltage DC 10-30 V
Shaft connection axial / radial
Dimensions Ø58 x 64 mm; axis Ø10 x 18 mm
Order No. 585482 / 585471
Order No. connector straight 585487
Order No. coupler WGK 585470
Order No. cable 3 m EPR-WG 585494
Order No. cable 5 m EPR-WG 585496
Order No. cable 10 m EPR-WG 585495
Order No. Adapter cable for reversing the direction of rotation 585738