EPR16BT cam-controller

The position of the machine is identified by an absolute rotary encoder, which transfers an absolute angle or path dimension to the cam controller, depending upon the machine position.

A significant advantage of the devices EPR, EPC is the possibility of optimising switching points in operating machines and compensating delay times of connected actuators, depending upon the speed (downtime compensation).

Other important advantages of all variants are the significantly high speeds as compared to the PLC, the exact switching points, multiple programmes in one device, simple programme designing and modification as well as accurate downtime compensation to precisely 1 ms.

Feature Value
Applications Packaging machines,
cutting facilities, gluing stations,
rotary indexing tables
Supply voltage AC 230 V / AC 115 V
Input rotary encoder 10 Bit binary; 360 steps/U
Input frequency Max. 3500 Hz, max. 500 U/min
Number outputs 16
Switching capability, semiconductor DC 10-60 V; 100 mA
Display 12-digit LED-dot matrix, red
Number of internal programmes 32
Keys (degree of protection) 9 function keys (IP65)
Serial interface V24, RS232 level, 300-9600 Baud
Width x height x depth 144 x 144 x 130 mm
switch panel mounting
Order No. 585415 / 585416
Order No. plug-in card 16 relay outputs AC 250 V, 3 A 585450

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