EPR16S cam-controller

Programmable sequential logic controller with built-in user prompts and programming unit.

EPR16S comfortably controls time-dependent processes or path / angle controls together with incremental rotary encoders.

Up to 20 different programmes can be stored.

Feature Value
Applications Complex timing controllers, rotary indexing tables, galvanic equipment
Supply voltage AC 230 V / AC 115 V
Stepping times 1 ms - 99.9 s; max 1000 steps/programme
Input rotary encoder Incremental, 2 phases
Input frequency Max. 2000 Hz
Number outputs 16
Switching capability, semiconductor DC 10-60 V; 100 mA
Number input 8 logical inputs; 1 reset input; 2 clock input DC 10-30 V
Display 12-digit LED-dot-matrix, red
Number of internal programmes 20
Keypad (degree of protection) 9 function keys (IP65)
Serial interface V24, RS232 level, 300-9600 Baud
Width x height x depth 144 x 144 x 130 mm switch panel mounting
Order No. 585420 / 585421
Order No. plug-in card 16 relay outputs AC 250 V, 3 A 585450

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