ZX06AIO high-speed-controller

The ZX06AIO is analog high performance in small format. This high-speed programmable logic controller (PLC) based on an FPGA has 6 analog inputs (0..10V or 4..20mA) and 4 analog outputs (0..10V) in a super slim format. The processing time of the analog inputs and outputs is within a few microseconds (< 7 µs). It also provides up to two RS-485 interfaces or up to two SSI interfaces to communicate with external devices.

The ZX06AIO can be used as a stand-alone PLC or as a modular expansion unit with our ZX controllers. Using our own high-speed protocol ZanderLink, our ZX06AIO seamlessly connects to a ZanderLink-enabled controller and expands it by 6 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs. The data exchange takes place within a few microseconds.

The PLC itself is freely programmable via our EX_PRESS 6 software (part no.: 589591) and an additional programming adapter.

Feature Value
Applications Packaging machines, cutting facilities, bottling plants, gluing stations, plastic injection moulding machines, camshaft controller
Supply voltage DC 24 V +/- 15%
Analoge Inputs 6
Type 0..10 V or 4..20 mA
Resolution 12Bit
Accuracy Range 1 (0-10 mA): ±0.04% of full scale (20mA)
Range 2 (10-20 mA): ±0.09% of full scale (20mA)
Range 3 (0-10V): ±0.08% of full scale (10V)
Linearity Voltage measurement: ≤ 4 LSB
Current measurement: ≤ 4 LSB
Response time analog input to FPGA chip < 7 µs
Analog outputs 4
Type 0..10V
Resolution 16 Bit
Accuracy Range 1 (0-10V): ±0.27% of full scale value (10V)
Response time FPGA to analog output < 8 µs
RS-485 1 (2)
SSI 1 (2), 20 Mbit/s, Multi-Turn, Single-Turn
Programming EX_PRESS 6 for Windows Structured Text according to IEC61131-3
Width 72 mm
Order No. 589502
Order No. software EX-PRESS 6 589591

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