ZX09E high-speed-controller

The ZX09E is a high-speed programmable logic controller (PLC) without cycle time. It can be used as an independent PLC, as well as a decentralised PLC within a Network, for parallel processing of signals in real time.

For this the ZX09E provides 6 analogue inputs and 2 additional digital inputs. ZX09E provides a network connection through an Ethernet-Port.

With it, the PLC can be connected with a PC, to load the program onto and configure the PLC, as well as directly with one additional PLC, or through a switch, with a network. The programming of the PLC is done via the program-development-software EX_PRESS 5 (Order No.: 589092).

The controller has two RS485-Interfaces. This makes a communication via Modbus RTU possible. A high-speed connection with other ZANDER ZX controller via ZanderLink with a maximum reaction time < 10 µs is as well possible.

One RS485-Interface is as well usable as SSI-Interface, for the connection of encoders / distance sensors

Feature Value
Applications Packaging machines, cutting facilities, bottling plants, gluing stations, plastic injection moulding machines, camshaft controller
Supply voltage DC 24 V +/- 15%
Analog inputs 4 x 0..20 mA (set)
2 x 0..20 mA or 0..10 V (switchable), 12 Bit
Analog outputs -
Digital inputs 2 x DC 18..30 V
Digital outputs 4 x DC 10..30 V; 0.5 A
RS485 / RS422 2
SSI 1 (with configurable RS485-Connection);
10 Mbit/s, Multi-Turn, Single-Turn
ZanderLink 2 High-Speed Protocol < 10 µs, via RS485
Ethernet 1; (10Base-T or 100Base-T),
programming interface, expansion connector
Response time < 20 ns
Logic Capacity: Amount of configurable Logic Blocks (CLB´s*) 715 CLBs;
*each CLB includes more than 100 Gates, FlipFlops
Process time analogue inputs < 10 µs
Process time digital inputs / outputs < 3 μs
Max. input frequency 500 kHz
Number of programmable timer 70-300
Programming EX_PRESS 5 for Windows Structured Text according to IEC61131-3
Width 108 mm
Order No. 589205
Order No. software EX-PRESS 5 589092

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