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ZX20 Applications

The following sample programs and applications have been realized with the ZX20 group:

  • Camshaft controller without cycle time
  • Fault monitoring system with first-up signals
  • Program control for neon sign
  • Barrier control
  • Sensor-aided high speed sorting
  • Example stepper motor controller
  • Free programmable high-speed input-debouncing

Did we spark your interest? – the programm codes in ST (structured text) according to IEC 61131 is available free of charge on request. All programs can be easily opened with the demo version of EX_PRESS 5!

Background - 30 years of High Speed experience!

For many years, Zander High Speed controllers (ZX4, ZX8 and EX16) have been in use in several industries, e.g. for packaging machines, filling plants and in the building technology. We will gladly provide the operators and developers the following programming examples:

  • Camshaft controller without cycle time
  • Fault monitoring system with first-up signals
  • Program control for neon sign
  • Barrier control

A detailed description of the applications incl. the above mentioned programming examples can be found on our website SPEEDY applications.


Compatibility with EX_PRESS 5 and the new series ZX20

These programs can also be realized with the new, more powerful software development system EX_PRESS 5 (see FAQ compatibility EX_PRESS 4 und EX_PRESS 5). Now it is possible to program up to 100 timers, an input debounding as well as the programming of complex, mathematical operations with the high-level program language Structured Text (ST) according to IEC 61131.

It will be possible in future to store and realize whole function blocks according to IEC 61131 with this program. With this, whole applications, e.g. the camshaft controller application as a pre-fabricated solution, can be used and embedded into your individual application.


Application examples for our new networked high-speed controller ZX20

The following applications are already realized with the new generation of controllers:

Label and printing processes

Super fast, reproducible printing points can be realized with the ZX20 – whether on cigarettes, food items or in the packaging technology. This means a minimization of the pulse time but with exact and constant printing points.

Sensor based sorting and separation technology

Whether in the recycling technology, logistics or within the optical quality inspection. With the ZX20 your sensors are analyzed in top speed and then controls the actuators, e.g. pressures valves. This ensures maximum throughput with high control flexibility.

Filling processes

This is where the exact filling point at maximum cyclic frequency is crucial. The reproducible processing without cycle time and without jitter ensures equal and precise switching points. Thus volume loss of the filling contents is minimized and the total number of measures between the filling units reduced to a few milliseconds.

Process– and data logging

In many processes, e.g. monitoring of an electric arc or a plasma, measurement data have to be recorded, prepared and processed as quickly as possible for a precise process control or even process protection.

Stepper motor control without motion controller

Due to the diversity and complexity even a complex stepper motor control can be realized with the new generation of controllers. The actors can be controlled without motion controller.

In addition to the above mentioned applications several more applications are possible, e.g. the controlling of industrial bonding processes as well as the pressure– and temperature transfer of the plastic injection pressure, the controlling and monitoring of presses and forges for semi-finished products as well as the precise tool positioning in
the mechanical engineering.

The relevant example programs for viewing with the EX_PRESS (demo-) version for some of the mentioned applications are available on request.