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The new high speed controller ZX20 also does not have any cycle time and thus, always ensures fastest possible - and even more importantly - constantly fast processes. How is this possible?

The ZX20 has another core element. This core element is not a micro-processor, but an FPGA chip. Because of this no cyclic programme is executed - all programmes take place in a parallel manner in real-time and that too, several times faster than in a PLC. This also applies to the analogue inputs and outputs!

ZX20 is communicative. Programming is done via the Ethernet interface; also, interconnected applications are easily and quickly realised.

Of course, you can programme as easily as you are used to in a PLC - with Structured Text.

Product Page: ZX20T - High Speed Controller

Eigenschaft Wert
Applications Packaging machines, cutting facilities, bottling plants, gluing stations, plastic injection moulding machines, camshaft controller
Supply voltage DC 24 V +/- 15%
Digital inputs 20 x DC 18..30 V
Digital outputs 16 x semiconductor DC 10..30 V; 0.5 A
Analog inputs -
Analog outputs -
Ethernet 1; (10Base –T or 100Base-T),
programming interface, expansion connector
Response time < 20 ns
Logic Capacity: Amount of configurable Logic Blocks (CLB´s*) 448 CLBs;
*each CLB includes more than 100 Gates, FlipFlops
Process time digital inputs / outputs < 9 μs at 250 mA per output
Max. input frequency 500 kHz
Number of programmable timer 35-100
Programming EX_PRESS 5 for Windows Structured Text according to IEC61131-3
Width 108 mm
Order No. 589000
Order No. software EX-PRESS 5 589092

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