High-Speed Network

ZanderLink connects up to three controller of the ZX09 series cycle time free in an ultra fast network.

  • Super fast processing and networking of analog and digital sensor signals
  • Guaranteed cycle time in the entire network under 10 µs
  • Maximum jitter between controllers below 100 ns
  • Simple configuration via predefined function blocks


ZanderLink is a synchronous network that meets the highest real-time, concurrency and speed requirements and coherently couples controllers. ZanderLink is based on robust RS-485 technology, connects 2 or 3 controllers per strand and transmits at up to 8 Mbit/s net data rate. With 48 bit exchange between 2 controllers and a set bit rate of 16 Mbit/s, they are exchanged in guaranteed 5 µs, with 48 bit between 3 controllers it is 6 µs.

ZanderLink can be used for the high-speed compact controllers ZX09A, ZX09D and ZX09E, thus enabling - despite distribution - a synchronous, coherent system with 18 analog or 30 digital inputs. The configuration of this link is done logically and easily via predefined function blocks in the program development software "EX-PRESS 5" in the programming language "Structured Text" according to IEC 61131-3.

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