Mvisio IO Module

The MVisio I/O-Module is a multifunctional plug-in I/O Module and serves as an optional addition for the MVisio_7 HMI. It
allows to directly connect the configurable digital and analogue inputs and outputs to the HMI.

Next to connecting simple digital and analogue inputs and outputs, the Module allows a configurations of these connections as Encoder- or Counter-Inputs, as well as Inputs for Voltage, Current, Resistance and Temperature measurements.

Feature Value
MVisio I/O
Application in combination with the MVisio HMI e.g. for packaging machines, cutting equipment, filling platns, gluing stations, plastic injection molding machines, test stands
Operating Voltage DC 24 V, + 25% / - 50%
System Supply From the HMI
Number digital inputs 20
Input Voltage Range DC 12-30 V (min. 3 mA), DC 35 V max, for 500 ns
Number digital outputs 12
Output voltage DC 12-30 V
Number analogue inputs Up to 8 multifunctional , configurable analogue Inputs (8 Single Ended / 4 differential), not galvanic isolated. The
reference potential of the analogue inputs (COM-AGND) are internally connected to the reference potential M of the HMI.
Number Pt100 (RTD) Inputs for 2-, 3- or 4-wire configuration. In 2- or 3- wire configuration, 4 Inputs remain free for single ended
measurements. Wire break or short circuit protection.
Order No. 589105

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