Micro Switches

ZANDER micro switches are used wherever machine positions have to be identified or switching functions with a high electrical output are essential.

They have proved their reliability and durability since 1950, and are manufactured by us in our factory in Aachen.

All micro switches are equipped with durable quick action contacts, which ensure an abrupt changeover without premature withdrawal of the contacts, even during a slow activation.

Typical applications are path sensors on machines, door contact switches, tamper switches or cam switches.


Please find attached a table with main key figures:


Type Width x height x depth in mm (basis element) Switching capabilityng max. Connection Actuating force from Lever versions Application
KL 50,5 x 26,0 x 26,5 AC 16A/250V Screw connection 250 cN X Machine tools
KL..B 50,5 x 26,0 x 26,5 AC 16A/250V Screw connection 250 cN X Camshaft controllers
MS 31,0 x 26,0 x 13,0 AC 5A/250V Solder connection 85 cN X Automatic production machines
AS 49,0 x 30,0 x 17,5 AC 16A/250V Screw connection 25 cN X Automatic production machines
CNR 31,3 x 17,5 x 14,3 AC 0,1A/125V Solder pins 5,1 gf X Automatic production machines
DF 12,7 x 6,6 x 5,8 AC 3A/125V Solder pins 13 gf X Control units
DM 12,8 x 6,5 x 5,8 AC 3A/125V Solder pins 15 gf X Control units
DS 10,5 x 4,8 x 4,5 DC 48V / 0,1A Solder pins 75 gf   Control units
DW2 13,3 x 12,0 x 5,3 AC 3A/125V Cabel 95 gf X IP67-application
SM 20,0 x 10,0 x 6,5 AC 5A/250V Solder plug / solder pin 8 gf X Air conditioning
control units
SW 19,8 x 15,0 x 6,4 AC 5A/250V Cabel 33 gf X IP67-application
VA2 28,0 x 16,0 x 10,3 AC 6A/250V Flat connector 4 gf X Control units
VMN 28,0 x 16,0 x 10,3 AC 10A/250V Flat connector,
solder plug
6 gf X Control units
VW1 33,0 x 15,9 x 10,3 AC 10A/250V Flat connector 15 gf X Control units IP67

Micro Switch Series KL, KL-B

The single-pole toggle switch allows a switching frequency of 1000 switching operations / min. Under the designation KL..B, the switches are also available with lateral mounting cams.

Micro Switch Series MS

Single-pole changeover contact with high switching capacity, long service life and small dimensions.

Micro Switch Series AS

The proven structure of the KL switching elements is also used with the AS series. AS has a slender design. For this reason, micro switches are particularly suitable for small spaces.

Series DM

Subminiature micro switches for all applications with a high degree of precision and minimum dimensions.

Series SM

Single-pole micro switches with diverse coupling variants such as solder lugs, solder pins, straight and bent.

Series VMN

Micro switches. For the series use, the switches are available in a number of additional variants.

Series CNR, DF, DS, VA2 with different housings also available.

Waterproof types (IP67) are available: DW2, SW, VW1

The pictures of the subminiature micro switches are not true to scale.