Zur Produktseite: DW3 - Subminiaturschalter


DW3 series: Subminiature micro switches for all applications with a high degree of precision and minimum dimensions.


Conversion Actuating force:

1 Gram-force [gf] = 0,980664999999998 Zentinewton [cN]

Feature Value
DW3 IP67 with cable
Applications Automobile: Detection of door opener and closing
Household: vacuum cleaner, air-condition
Degree of protection IP67
Mounting 2 screws M3
contact 1 switch-over contact
Switching capacity 30 VDC / 100 mA
Connection cable
Actuator flat lever, push button
Actuating force 13,4 gf, (depends on variant)
Width x height x depth 13,3 x 13,9 x 5,4 mm (basic element)