MS - series microswitch

KL series: The single-pole toggle switch allows a switching frequency of 1000 switching operations / min. Under the designation KL..B, the switches are also available with lateral mounting cams.

MS series: Single-pole changeover contact with high switching capacity, long service life and small dimensions.

AS series: The proven structure of the KL switching elements is also used with the AS series. AS has a slender design. For this reason, micro switches are particularly suitable for small spaces.

Feature Value
Applications Machine tools,
automatic production machines;
air conditioners
Mounting 2 screws M3
Contact 1 change-over contact
Switching capability AC -12: 5 A / 250 V
AC -15: 3 A / 250 V
Connection Solder connection
Actuator Lever with contact roller / spring steel lever
Actuating force 85 cN (MS24K); 7 cN (MS7)
Width x height x depth 31 x 26 x 13 mm (basic element)
Order No. MS24K
Ball bearing contact roller Ø10 mm
Order No. MS7
Spring steel lever 90 x 0.8 mm