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These cards serve as a power amplification for the outputs of the PLCs EPR16, EPR16S.

The output card EPR16-OK possesses 16 electronic outputs for the devices EPR16, EPC16 and EPR16S. The Watch Dog output is available as 0.5A-transistor output. All outputs are electrically isolated, durable short-circuit proof and temperature rise-protected. There are one or two contact blocks with a common connection in each for output 1..8 with Watch Dog as well as for output 9..16.

Product Page: EPR16-OK Transistor Output Card

Eigenschaft Wert
Applications Power amplification for PLCs EPR16, EPR16S, EPC16
Transistor-Outputs 16 N/O
Watch-Dog-Output 1 transistor output
2 contact blocks each with a common connection
Contact rating DC 10-30 V smoothed, 0.5 A
Residual ripple < 5%
durable short-circuit proof yes
Temperature rise disconnection yes
Temperature range 0 - +60°C
Order No. 585455