EPR16-RE output card

These cards serve as a power amplification for the outputs of the PLCs EPR16, EPR16S.

The output card EPR16-RE possesses 16 digital relay outputs for the devices EPR16, EPC16 and EPR16S. The Watch Dog output is available as relay contact too. All relay contacts are protection-wired with 250V-varistors.

There are two contact blocks with a common connection in each for output 1..8 with Watch Dog as well as for output
9..16. Both blocks are electrically isolated and can be operated therefore with different voltages.

Feature Value
Applications Power amplification for the PLCs EPR16, EPR16S, EPC16
Outputs 16 N/O
Watch-Dog-Output 1 N/O
2 contact blocks each with a common connection
Contact rating AC 250 V, 3A; DC 24 V, 3A
max. sum current for each block 8 A
Insulation voltage coil/contact 2.5 kV
Temperature range 0 - +60°C
Order No. 585450