Product Page: KWG - Mechan. Cam Controller

Robust and durable cam controllers, tried and trusted over the years as auxiliary drives with two free shaft ends, Ø10mm, for optional driving purposes.

Programming by stepless via two-part, counterrotatable cam disks.

Feature Value
Applications Packaging machines,
cutting facilities,
gluing stations,
rotary indexing table
Number of switching elements 4 - 20, double-throw contacts
Connection M3,5 screw terminals
Utilisation temperature -20° up to +80°C
Rotation speed max. 300/min
Protection IP50
Housing Zinc die casting / metal cover
Position of installation optional
Switching capacity 16A 250V according to AC-12 (EN 60947-5-1, DIN VDE 0660)
6A 250V according to AC-15
2A DC24V according to DC-12
Dielectric strength 2 kV according to DIN VDE 0110-1
Mechanical life > 50x10 (high 6) switching cycles (base element)
Switching frequency 5/s
Contact gap 0,5 mm
Contact material AgNi
Cable hole M16
Order No. - 4 switches 700004
Order No. - 8 switches 700008
Order No. - 12 switches 700012
Order No. - 16 switches 700016
Order No. - 20 switches 700020
Order No. switch KL14KKB 001405
Order No. plastic cam disk (pair) 700090