Product Page: DHC - Motor Protection Relay

The DHC motor protection relay is a temperature monitoring relay for electro motors. It evaluates the resistance values of the PTC resistor integrated in the motor coil. A zero-voltage safe electronic restart interlock ensures that the relay will remain locked upon activation even in the event of power failure, i.e. an uncontrolled restart will be avoided.

The advantages are a high degree of safety because of the restart interlock and closed circuit principle. Multiple sensor resistances can be connected to a relay. When the normal temperature is reached, the motor is started via a built-in acknowledgement button.

Feature Value
Applications Motorprotection on machine tools,
compressors, conveyor belts
Supply voltage AC 24 V
Output 1 NO
Max. switching capacity relays output AC 250 V; 5 A; 1250 VA
Operating range 1.65 - 4.0 kOhm
Reset / acknowledgement Key at the front
LED display Stand by (green)
overtemperature/relay contact (red)
Width x height x depth 22.5 x 99 x 114 mm
Order No. 446052