Product Page: DMC - Timer

The multi-function timers DMC and DVC with analogue time setting offer all the standard functions and time domains in one device. Moreover, DMC can be used as a sensor relay. A remote potentiometer connection is also available.

If an absolute digital time setting is necessary, ENS20 is the correct choice. ENS20 is a super-compact digital timer / digital counter, which can be easily programmed in all the standard functions and time domains, in which time can be set via a water-proof keyboard

Feature Value
Applications Bakery machines,
machine tools,
automatic production machines
Supply voltage AC 230 V; DC 12-30 V
Number time circuits 1
Outputs 2 change-over contacts
2. contact instantaneous– or target contact
Max. switching capability relay outputs AC 250 V; 8 A; 2000 VA
Time domains 16; von 0.1 s -1 s bis 17-168 h
Functions 16; typ. functions
Time setting Potentiometer
Special function Sensor relay 5-40 kOhm
Width x height x depth 22.5 x 99 x 114 mm
Order No. 415100
Order No. external potentiometer DFP incl. assembly kit 445091