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The DSV system consists of high-quality interface modules and function modules in extremely compact housing for 35mm-DIN-rail.  


Electric Rectifier Module DSGV

Miniature electric rectifier module of high capacity and small dimensions.


Relay interface DSRV1

Relay module with one N/O contact including LED in the input cir­cuit.


Optocoupler Interface DSOV2

Opto coupler module with DC input, LED, input noise suppression and diode protection circuit at the output.


The modules DSRV1 / DSOV2 will be produced upon request. Customer specific designs are possible.


DSV System - Interface Modul

Eigenschaft Wert
Max. voltage 250V
Max. current 2,2 A
Temperature range 0°C - +60°C
Order-No. 465503
Input voltage DC 24 V, +15/-10 %
Input resistance 1500 Ohm / 24V, 450 Ohm / 12V
LED 4x yellow, closed contact
Output 1 N/O or 1 N/C contact
Switching capacity AC: max. 8A / 250V / 1500VA
DC: max. 2,5A / 24V / 80W
Temperature range 0°C - +60°C
Order-No. 461001
Input voltage DC 24 V, +/-15%
Residual ripple max 5%
Input current < 10mA
Switching threshold „H“ approx. 70% of input voltage
Switching threshold ‘‘L’’ approx. 50% of input voltage
LED yellow
Output Transistor
Switching capacity DC10-60V; 0.5A permanent;
peak 4A (1s)
Order No. 462102