DZT Star-Delta Timer

DZT combines two from each other independently working timer in one housing: one On-Delay-Timer, one Star-Delta-Timer. The DZT controls time depending machine and plant operations, e.g. for compressors.

The integrated Star-Delta-Timer is used to activate a start-up controller for three-phase motors.

Feature Value
Applications Mechanical Engineering, e.g. Machine Tool Industry, Packaging Machines, Compressors
Supply Voltage AC 230 V; 50-60 Hz
Timer A1-A2/B2:
Time range T1 0.2 - 30 min
Power consumption 0.35 VA
Star-Delta-Timer B1-A2/B2:
Time range T2 0.3 - 20 s
Dwell time approx. 40 ms (min. 30 ms / max. 50 ms)
Power consumption 0.35 VA
Repeat accuracy +/- 0.5%
Reclose readiness < 50ms when switched on
Switching capacity AC 250 V: max. 6A, max. 1500 VA
DC: 2 A bei 24 VDC
Dimension 45 x 68 x 116 mm
Order-No. 410909