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ZANDER high-speed controller units provide absolute precision. A number of variants are available – from ultra-compact to modular, networked systems for highly complex applications – that afford precise, accurate control even at the highest speed.

Whether in packaging machines, filling systems, machine tools, sorting applications or camera analysis – ZANDER control systems can always match the speed. How is this possible? Our FPGA chips are designed for complete parallel processing without cycle times and without the undesirable jitter effects!

Also visualizations or process parameterization of your application is possible with our entirly unique HMI. Furthermore, with the corresponding I/O card, the HMI can perform control functions.

In addition, there are technical and ergonomic advantages: All ZANDER control systems, cam controller units or programmable logic solutions can be set up simply and conveniently on a PC and can be optimised without interrupting production.

Benefit from our experience 20 years ago, ZANDER introduced the first micro PLC based on programmable logic modules. For more than 35 years, we have been manufacturing programmable logic controllers and cam controllers with real-time operating systems.