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Compact Safety Controller

Compact safety controllers are applied in small- to medium-scale plants, where the use of conventional safety relays is no longer economically viable. The combination of safety functions of individual safety relays in only one device offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative.

Thus, e.g. the compact safety controller TALOS® is adjusted to the corresponding application by simply selecting and parametrizing an existing configuration.

A characteristic feature of this device is the variety of safety sensors - which can be evaluated with the compact safety controllers - right from the conventional emergency stop button to intelligent safety sensors e.g. light barriers. Same applies to safety outputs. The individual safety outputs can be assigned to the corresponding safety inputs independent of one another and can safely switch on the most varied actuators, e.g. drives or power contactors.

Thus, several independent safety relays can be replaced with only one compact safety controller. The use of in-built logic offers other advantages. Diagnostic measures and operation directly on the device ensure rapid commissioning, shorter downtimes and low maintenance cost.