TALOS – Overview of the predefined solutions

The TALOS TB-I14O3 offers predefined standard configurations which are sorted into the following groups. Within each group the programs varies only in the required start behavior. The following symbols are used for the inputs and outputs:

Pr01 - Pr03: Up to 3 installation sections each with up to 2 safety doors, 1 joint emergency stop.
Pr04 - Pr06: Up to 3 installation sections with 1 joint emergency stop and alternating operation with 1 closed safety door in each case.
Pr07 - Pr09: 1 installation section with up to 5 safety doors, 1 independent emergency stop circuit and 1 independent enabling circuit.
Pr10 - Pr12: Up to 2 installation sections with 3 safety doors each and 1 independent emergency stop circuit.
Pr13: Up to 3 installation sections with 4 safety doors each with mode switch for mode selection and joint emergency stop circuit.
Pr14 - Pr16: Several installation sections with connected TALOS via group signal, with up to 5 safety doors per TALOS with joint emergency stop circuit.
Pr90 - Pr99: Special functions needed? Realization of customer specified configurations with up to 10 additional, custom-made configurations via SIM card, which will be programmed by ZANDER AACHEN.

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