TALOS TB-I14O3h 0-99 h - safety controller



TALOS® has incorporated the desired functionality in a flexible manner. The desired configuration can be selected and individual functions such as delay times can be parametrized directly on the device via the menu in an easy and quick manner. This implies: no expensive programming operations, quick and easy operation and commissioning without any other ancillary equipment such as PC. A built-in monitoring device avoids long trouble-shooting hours and downtime.

The 14 safety inputs can be variably linked, with or without time functions, with 3 safety and 6 auxiliary outputs by means of logic.

Feature Value
TALOS® TB-I14O3 - up to 99 h
Safety function Emergency stop monitoring, safety guard monitoring, light grids monitoring, for furnaces in continuous operation, stop category 0/1
Certified according to EN ISO 13849-1:2015, EN 50156-1:2015, EN62061:2005 + AC: 2010 + A1:2013 + A2:2015, IEC 61508 Parts 1-7:2010, IEC 61511-1:2016, EN 746-2:2010
Approvals CE, TUV
Supply voltage UB: DC 24 V (+/- 15 %)
Power consumption 3,8 W (all inputs activated / no load operation)
Number of safe inputs 14 safe inputs / 3 start inputs
Number of safe semiconductor outputs 3
Switching capability per safe output UB / 500 mA; PNP; short circuit proof
Adjustable delay time 0 - 99 h
Number of auxiliary semiconductor outputs 6
Switching capability per auxiliary output 1 x UB / 500 mA; 5 x UB / 50 mA; PNP; short circuit proof
Number of pulsed outputs 4
Input voltage DC 24 V (+/- 15 %)
PL; Cat.; SILCL (EN ISO 13849-1; IEC 62061; IEC 61508) PL e; Cat. 4; SILCL 3
Dimensions 45 x 99 x 118 mm
TALOS ® TB-I14O3h incl. plug-in screw terminals 474602
TALOS ® TB-I14O3h incl. plug-in spring-cage terminals 475602

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