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TE-OR3(D) is a safe output-extension module with three safe relay-contacts. In combination with basic module TALOS® TB-I14O3, it ensures the quick and safe deactivation of the moving parts of a machine in case of danger.

TE-OR3(D) extends the safe semiconductor outputs of the basic module for galvanic isolation and power adjustment.

The TE-OR3 is certified in compliance with the high safety requirements according to DIN EN 13849 and EN 62061, the TE-OR3D is in addition specially designed and certified for the use in furnaces and ancillary equipment in continuously mode according to EN 50156-1.

Product Page: TE-OR3 - Safety Output Extension Module

Eigenschaft Wert
Safety function Extending of the outputs of the basic module and power adjustment
Certified according to EN 60204-1; DIN EN ISO 13849-1; EN 62061;
IEC 61508 Teil 1-2 und 4-7; IEC 61511-1;
EN 50156-1; EN 746-2 (nur TE-OR3D)
Approvals CE, TUV
Supply voltage UB: DC 24 V (+/- 10 %)
Number of safe outputs 3
Max. switching capability per safe output 8 A / 250 VAC resistive load
Number of auxiliary outputs 1
Number of modules per saftey output of the basic module max. 5 modules
Starting behavior Switches on and off with basic device TALOS TB-I14O3
PL; Cat.; SILCL (EN ISO 13849-1; EN 62061) PL e; Kat. 4; SILCL 3
Dimensions 22.5 x 99 x 118 mm
TE-OR3 incl. plug-in screw terminals 474610
TE-OR3D incl. plug-in screw terminals 474620
TE-OR3 incl. plug-in spring-cage terminals 475610
TE-OR3D incl. plug-in spring-cage terminals 475620
TE-OR3 without terminals 472610
TE-OR3D without terminals 472620
Bus connector TALOS 472590
EKLS4; plug-in screw terminals kit 472592
EKLZ4; plug-in spring-cage terminals kit 472593