Product Page: SK5D - Coupling Relay / Extension Module



SK5D is an all-purpose coupling relay with five forcibly guided safe relaycontacts. It ensures the quick and safe deactivation of the moving parts of a machine in case of danger.

The SK5D couples safe signals of e.g. pulsed PLC’s to the periphery for galvanic isolation and power adjustment.

SK5D can also be used as an extension module for our safety relais, safety timer and compact safety controller.

Feature Value
Function coupling relay with forcibly guided contacts according EN61810-3
Certified according to EN 60204-1; DIN EN ISO 13849-1; EN 62061; EN 50156-1;
EN 746-2; IEC 61508 Parts 1-2 and 4-7; IEC 61511-1
Approvals CE
Supply Voltage DC 24 V
Number NO-contacts 5
Max. switching capacity of the NO-contacts 8 A / 250 VAC resistive load
Number NC-contacts 1
Width 22.5 mm
Order No. Spacer for a defined minimum distance between two safety relays (see derating) 472596
Order-No. fixed screw terminals 472332
Order-No. incl. plug-in screw terminals 474332
Order-No. incl. push-in twin spring connector 475332

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