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The ZCode-MZ has been developed to provide a realiable door interlock. Coding is achieved by using radio frequency (RFID) and magnetic technology, both principles need to be satisfied for the switch to operate safely. This redundant diverse structure provides the highest degree of anti-tamper, virtually impossible to override. The different housing materials allow the use in almost any environments, including high pressure cleaning following contamination from foreign particles. (e.g. Pharma and Food Industry).

The Stainless Steel 316 version of the ZCode-MZE incorporates a Stainless Steel magnet and has an IP69K ingress protection rating making it suitable for CIP and SIP processes. ZCode-MZ has a high specified polymer body material.

Product Page: ZCode-MZ - Safety Interlock Switch

Eigenschaft Wert
Applications High requirements on manipulation, developed especially for the process protection.
Certified according to EN 60204-1; DIN EN ISO 13849-1; EN 60947-5-3;
EN 62061; EN 1088, DIN EN ISO 14119, UL508
Approvals CE, TUV, UL
Transistor outputs 2 contactless safety outpus, 1 auxiliary output
Auxiliary contact 1
Contact rating (safe- & auxiliary outputs) DC 24 V; max. 200 mA; short circuit proof
Supply Voltage DC 24 V; +/- 15 %, max. 50 mA
Holding force Depending on body material and type 600 - 1500 N
Solenoid center offset 5 mm
Switching distance, max. Sao 1 mm close/ Sar 10 mm open
Body material MZ: plastic, MZA: die-cast
Temperature range -25 °C to +40 °C
PL; Kat.; SILCL (EN ISO 13849-1; EN /IEC 62061) PL e; Kat.4; SILCL3
Weight Depending on body material and holding force, e.g. MZE-L approx. 1700 g
Dimensions Typ S: 115 x 80 x 28,5 mm; Typ L: 96 x 64 x 26,5 mm
Plastic type
Connection 30 cm cable with M12 connector
Order No. ZCode-MZ-LM, M12 connector, 1000 N, mastercode, incl. actuator 941521
Order No. ZCode-MZ-LU, M12 connector, 1000 N, unicode, incl. actuator 941524
Order No. ZCode-MZ-SM, M12 connector, 1500 N, mastercode, incl. actuator 941526
Order No. ZCode-MZ-SU, M12 connector, 1500 N, unicode, incl. actuator 941529
Connection 5 m cable, open end cable
Order No. ZCode-MZ-LM, 5 m cable, 1000 N, mastercode, incl. actuator 941520
Order No. ZCode-MZ-LU, 5 m cable, 1000 N, unicode, incl. actuator 941523
Order No. ZCode-MZ-SM, 5 m cable, 1500 N, mastercode, incl. actuator 941525
Order No. ZCode-MZ-SU, 5 m cable, 1500 N, unicode, incl. actuator 941528
Replacement actuator (mastercode)
Order No. spare actuator MZ-LM (mastercode) 941522
Order No. spare actuator MZ-SM (mastercode) 941527
Die-cast body material on request.

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