Product Page: SR2C - Safety Relay



The basic relays SRLC, SR2C, SR3C and SR7C are universally applicable safety relays, with which the moving parts of a machine or plant can be brought to a standstill in a hazard situation, quickly and safely.

Safety relays are applied in single- or dual-channel emergency stop circuits and in guard monitoring devices in machines and plants.

Feature Value
Safety function Emergency stop monitoring,
safety guard monitoring,
light grids monitoring
Certified according to EN 60204-1; DIN EN ISO 13849-1; EN 62061; IEC 61508 part 1-2 and 4-7; IEC 61511-1
Approvals CE, TUV, UL
Supply voltage AC/DC 24 V / AC 115 V / AC 230 V
Number of safe relay contacts 2
Max. switching capability of safe relay contacts 6 A / 250 VAC resistive load
Number of auxiliary relay contacts -
Number of non time-delayed contacts 2
Number of time-delayed contacts -
Starting behavior Automatic start or manual,
monitored start
PL; Cat.; SILCL (EN ISO 13849-1; EN 62061) PL e; Cat. 4; SILCL 3
Width 22.5 mm
Order No. fixed screw terminals 472152 (24 V) / 472151 (115 V) / 472150 (230 V)
Order No. plug-in screw terminals 474152 (24 V) / 474151 (115 V)/ 474150 (230 V)
Order No. push-in twin spring connector 475152 (24 V) / 475151 (115 V) / 475150 (230 V)
Order No. EKLS4; set of plug-in screw terminals 472592
Order No. EKLT4; set of push-in twin spring connector 472595
Order No. Spacer for a defined minimum distance between two safety relays (see derating) 472596

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