Product Page: Rope Tensioner-/ Gripper ZTK

As the system supplier of safety rope switches, ZANDER offers all components tailored to suit your application.

For easy assembly and rope adjustment, use the ZANDER rope assembly system ZTK / ZTKE.

For greater reliability and ease of installation the tensioner / gripper accessory significantly reduces the installation time by offering an eyehook and tensioner thimble and high strength gripper in one assembly to enable rapid connec-tion to the switch eyebolts and fast and accurate tensioning of the rope. By being in close proximity to the switch view-ing window, systems can be easily tensioned accurately and quickly.

After being fed through the guide hole the rope enters the main housing by going through a feed hole and then is looped back through 180 degrees and is fed through a second feed hole on the opposite side of the mechanism.

The rope is then pulled for maximum tension and is locked in position by a locking bar inside the main housing which is moved by turning on every type locking bolt.

Feature Value
Rope Tensioner-/ Gripper ZTK
Usage To fix and calibrate the rope with the ZL switch.
Tensile strength up to 1500 N.
Size 190 to 248 mm, Ø 39
Material Galvanised steel, or stainless steel
Order No. galvanized steel 940090
Order No. stainless steel 940095