Effective safety modules for comprehensive machine protection

With a wide range of safety modules such as safety relays, and safety controllers, ZANDER offers reliable protection for every machine. Our innovative devices are used in various industries, including the automotive, process, material handling, food, manufacturing and marine industries. These industries benefit from our expertise in developing and manufacturing high quality and reliable safety solutions.

Our safety relays were developed to monitor sensors such as safety sensors and light curtains, including their wiring, in order to immediately stop the moving parts of machines in the event of danger. By using safe coupling relays, the safety relays can be easily extended with additional, safe relay outputs.

This enables flexible adaptation to different industrial requirements.

If a safe output with a precise delay is required, our SCB is the ideal safety module. The SCB is a universally applicable, safety timer that enables delays of up to 99 hours. This makes it ideal for applications where a delayed switch-off is required.

For larger machines in which a single emergency stop relay is no longer sufficient, our innovative TALOS® safety controller is used. This compact safety module combines the advantages of individual safety devices in one device. Thanks to the built-in display, users can choose from a variety of configurations, allowing functions to be parameterized and delay times to be set individually.

Our comprehensive range of safety solutions has been developed to meet the diverse requirements of modern industrial environments while complying with the highest safety standards. Whether you are looking for safety relays, safety controller or safety timer - at ZANDER you will find the right solution for your application. All devices are certified by numerous testing institutes. Talk to us about integrating safety solutions into existing or new machines and systems.

Experts will support you with questions to ensure that your safety devices comply with legal requirements at all times. Our products are characterized by durability, high quality and simple operation.

ZANDER uses advanced technologies in the development and manufacture of safety modules to ensure that our customers benefit from future-proof technology. Our products are available in various configurations to suit specific requirements. This flexibility enables our customers to provide optimum protection for their machines and systems without compromising on productivity.

For industries where the highest safety standards are essential, our safety modules are also designed to prevent downtime. We understand that downtime and safety risks can cause significant costs. That's why we take great care to deliver solutions that are not only safe, but also reliable and efficient.


  Type Safety contacts /outputs Auxilliary contacts / outputs 1 / 2 channel wiring Width in mm Approvals Applications

Safety Relays

SR2C 2   1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, cULus, CCC
SR3C 3 1 1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, DNV GL, cULus, CCC
SR7C 7 6 1/2 45 CE, TÜV, CCC
SR3A 3 1 1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, CCC
S2HC 2   1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, cULus, CCC
SR3E 3 1 1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, CCC, cULus
SR3D 3 1 1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, DNV GL, cULus, CCC
SR3AD 3 1 1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, CCC, cULus
SD1E 1 1 1/2 6,8 CE, TÜV
SL1E / SL2E 1 1 1/2 6,2 CE, TÜV, cULus
SL1D / SL2D 1 1 1/2 6,2 CE, TÜV, cULus

Safe Coupling Relays



SR7D 7 6 1/2 45 CE, TÜV, CCC, cULus
SD1K 1 1 1/2 6,8 CE, TÜV
SK3D 3 1 1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, DNV GL, CCC, cULus
ZSCoupling 3 1 1 17,5 CE
SK5C 5 1 1 22,5 CE, TÜV, cULus

Safety Timer

SCB-04 2S / 2PNP 2PNP 1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, cULus
SCB-03 3PNP 2PNP 1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, cULus
SCB-02 2S 2PNP 1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, cULus
SR4C 4   1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, cULus, CCC

Safety Controller

Talos TB-I14O3 3 6 1/2 45 CE, TÜV

Extension modules

SREC 3 1 1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, cULus, CCC
SRTC 3 3 1/2 22,5 CE, TÜV, cULus, CCC