We are longstanding experts in the field with a proud history of innovation. Consequently, innovations flow immediately into our lineup and into system approaches of our co-operation partners ensuring that we remain a leader in terms of the design and the implementation of the latest technology.

The proximity to RWTH Aachen University guarantees highly qualified employees. Our advantageous position in Aachen allows us to develop and manufacture switchgear, safety components and programmable high-speed controller units for clients from all branches of industry throughout the world.

This is our domain: Since 1950, ZANDER offers a reliable safety and control technology in the area of industrial, mechanical and plant engineering.

We are always focused upon the application of our customers’ requests. In practice this means you have both the benefits of our tried and tested standard components as well as our more recent innovative technological developments. Consequently, our customers receive integrated, creative and cost-effective hardware and software solutions for a variety of applications!