High-Speed Controller with analogue input

The ZX09 and ZX09A are high-speed programmable logic controller (PLC). They can be used as an independent PLC, as well as a decentralised PLC within a Network, for parallel processing of signals in real time.

For this the ZX09 provides ten digital inputs and four digitals outputs.

The ZX09A Controller additionally provides an analog input and RS485- and up to two SSI–Interfaces

Both controller provide a network connection through an Ethernet-Port. With it, the PLC can be connected with a PC, to load the program onto and configure the PLC, as well as directly with one additional PLC, or through a switch, with a network. The programming of the PLC is done via the program-development-software EX_PRESS 5 (Order No.: 589092).

Available in fall 2018

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