Safe Coupling Relay SK3D

Compact Safety Coupling Relay up to PL e/ SILCL 3:

The new safety coupling relay SK3D from Zander is convincing through high performance with simplest wiring (saving 60% wiring and costs compared with a standard safety relay in a similar application), all in a compact housing of just 22.5 mm. The wiring is possible with fixed or plug-in screw terminals or with plug-in spring-cage terminals. Cyclical self-monitoring saves the feedback circuit to a safe PLC. SK3D has 3 safety contacts (NO) and 1 auxiliary contact (NC). Furthermore 230 VAC- and 24 VDC-signals can be switches independently.

With a maximum switching load of 5 A for each disabling contact at AC-15 250 V and 4 A with DC-13 24V even greater loads can be reliably switched.

Thanks to an input filter the SK3D can be operated directly on clocked outputs of safety controllers and sensors. To apply the SK3D also in existing installations variants for 24 VDC operating voltage as well as for 115 VAC and 230 VAC are available.

The SK3D meets the highest safety requirements Cat 4 / PL e / SILCL 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1 as well as IEC 62061 and is therefore perfectly suitable for contact extension and contact reinforcement of safety controllers. Additionally the SK3D is certified for the use in furnaces and ancillary equipment in continuously mode according to EN 50156-1 and EN 746-2 for industrial thermoprocessing equipment and thus also designed for applications in the process technology.

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