ZX20 Applications

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ZX20 Applications

The following sample programs and applications have been realized with the ZX20 group:

  • Camshaft controller without cycle time
  • Fault monitoring system with first-up signals
  • Program control for neon sign
  • Barrier control
  • Sensor-aided high speed sorting
  • Example stepper motor controller
  • Free programmable high-speed  input-debouncing

Detailed description of the applications: ZX20 applications

An exquisite description by Prof. Meier of the advantages of the FPGA technology in controllers (in german language only):

Article of Herrn Prof. Mayer

Did we spark your interest? – the programm codes in ST (structured text) according to IEC 61131 is available free of charge on request. All programs can be easily opened with the demo version of EX_PRESS 5!

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