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Our daily life is currently effected by the corona virus. We are doing the best to give to you the service you are used to receiving from us. Our warehouse is full and we are able to provide you with essential components. We will keep you up to date if the situation changes.

Now, please find our latest products and service news!


We added a new section “INDUSTRIES & SOLUTIONS” on our website.

You will find a selection of safety & automation products as well as engineering solutions which perfectly match to your business.





High-Speed Industrial controller

The ZX-series provides FPGA controller without cycle-time and jitter with 4 to 20 Inputs:


ZX09 series:

  • NEW: ZX09D / ZX09E: 6 high-speed analogue inputs, smaller 5 µs, 0 - 10 V or 4 - 20 mA, additional RS485 / SSI interfaces
  • High-Speed connection through ZanderLink, max. 10 µs; up to 18 analogue high-speed inputs, 30 digital inputs


You can find examples of applications on our website, in the section Engineering / Retrofit.

In the field of process intelligence 4.0 we provide different services:

Our engineering-services ranges from developing customized solutions up to the programming and integration of automation components into requested processes.

Our know-how and experience with integrating the Codesys integrated development environment as well as our several HMI solutions lead to a variety of opportunities to meet almost every challenge.

What we already can do for you today:

  • Remote maintenance and observation via OPC UA
  • Fast diagnoses with the support of a digital twin
  • Error history with textual description
  • Implementation of PID-controllers
  • User friendly parameterization with trend indicator
  • Password protection with individual access rights
  • Language switching


Customized safety solutions for process industries and mechanical engineering:

Safety Timer SCB

  • SCB-04: 2 safe relay and 2 safe semiconductor outputs
  • SCB-03: 3 safe semiconductor outputs
  • SCB-02: 2 safe relay outputs
  • And versions up to 99 s, 99 min, 99 h delay time, resolution 0,1, reproducibly and absolute accuracy

Now with new functionalities:

  • New switching functionalities of the auxiliary outputs ease the retrofit
    With the new variants of the mini safety timer SCB (e.g. SCB-02-01) you have the possibility to integrate the auxiliary outputs, analogue to the classic relay technique, inverted to the control concept. Especially in the case of a retrofit, it ease the exchange of an old, not state of the art pneumatic time relay.
  • New functions for an automatic retriggering leads to less system downtime as well as less intervention through the operating personal
  • New SCB function for a delayed reset signal to prevent accidental confirmations

Those functions simplify e.g. the retrofit of existing systems, where mechanic and pneumatic timers can easily be replaced by a SCB-variant.

Read more on our website. You can also find application examples there.

The world’s narrowest safety relay

Those highly compact safety relay‘s with a width from 6 mm pursue one goal:

Providing a modular, minimum-cost safety solution, which is cut to the essentials:

  • Wear-free, safe semiconductor outputs (MINOS SL-Series), for e.g. emergency stop button‘s or monitoring safety door’s and light curtains as well as contact strengthening
  • Optional relay outputs (MINOS SD-Series), for e.g. high switching loads up to 6A AC 250 V
  • Safe coupling relay‘s (MINOS SD1K), for e.g. safe contact strengthening of safe PLC-outputs

Safe Sensors

Our contactless encoded safety switches offer essential benefits in comparison to mechanical safety switches:

  • Easy assembly
  • High degree of safety against contamination and moisture
  • Wear-resistant
  • High degree of manipulation safety after ISO 14119 with RFID technology

In addition to that, we provide a variety of versions:

If you are interested, we gladly send you our new complete catalog.

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