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EPLAN macros can be found alongside the respective products within the "SAFETY" area.

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„Stagnancy is the biggest enemy of quality and safety.“ Walter, Marco & Michael Zander

We do not content in fulfilling existing standards.
We strive to exceed standards.
Consistent to our maxim, we develop tailored solutions according to your needs.
Right from conception to implementation.
For more than 60 years now.
Take us at our word.

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Quality Management


To best process your request, please complete the product return note below and add this to your return shipment.

Shipping address is:

Repair Department
Am Gut Wolf 15
52070 Aachen

Please note the following requirements so that we can process the return delivery immediately:

  • products with a fair value less than EUR 70,-- are not repaired by us
  • products which are older than 17 years are not repaired by us, because the repair costs would by far surpass the fair value. If you´d like we will offer you a new unit
  • with the initial inspection of the product costs arise for the processing and inspection effort amounting to EUR 45,00. These costs will not be charged if you decide to have the repair done
  • If you decide not to have the repair done and would like to have the product back, we will send your device back to you but have to invoice additional costs for packing and transport

Your contact for any questions regarding the repairs is: Mr. Marco Zander.

Please also read our privacy policy with data protection.

RoHS, Directive 2011/65/EU - restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
Our products (monitoring and control instruments) are RoHSII-compliant and REACH-compliant.

Please call us, if you have further questions: +49-241-910 501-0

TÜV Certificates

TÜV certificates can be found alongside the respective products within the "SAFETY" area.

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