SPEEDY Applications

The following sample programs and applications have been realized with the high-speed PLC SPEEDY:

  • Application in the food industry
  • SPEEDY as a camshaft controller without cycle time
  • Fault monitoring system with first-up signals
  • SPEEDY as program control for neon sign
  • Conveyor controller
  • Gate control


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Application of the High-Speed PLC SPEEDY ZX4T in the Food Industry

Within the increasingly automated beverage production, the requirements for absolute speed as well as reproducible detection regarding a high degree of selectivity of good and bad parts are important for the overall process optimization.

As an example, in exceptional cases, the risk of a poorly placed crown cap, which has a negative impact on the products shelf life, has to result in a sorting of the affected bottle. Up until now Oppacher Mineralquellen GmbH & Co KG has manually optically controlled this process, which, with a throughput of up to 14.000 bottles per hour, presented a great challenge.  

Now the crown caps are monitored via a camera system and sorted via the Zander PLC SPEEDY ZX4T in cooperation with the project developer VOR-Solutions

The camera takes a photo of the crown cap and compares the image with a taught-in default. If the photographed crown cap is placed inaccurately, the respective bottle is tracked up to a pusher via a product tracking and removed there. The product tracking is realized with the Zander ZX4T micro PLC. No other manufacturer is able to map such a complex process in the required speed with a small control system PLC. Due to its cycle-free functioning, all signals, that are necessary for the product tracking, can be displayed in real time.

The ZX4T is a cycle-free, cost-effective, high-speed solution; thereby it was possible to save an external analysis unit.

This ensures that all badly sealed bottles are withdrawn correctly.

The entire system was designed and installed by VOR-Solutions.

Highspeed, extremely inexpensive cam controller without cycle time

SPEEDY is suitable outstanding as programmable cam controller. At the input side an
incremental or absolute encoder is attached. The desired switching areas of the outputs insert simply to the finished prepared source program "NSW-SPDY.S16" (see
also documentation within the source code).

At a competitionless favourable price you get such a super-fast (no cycle time!) programmable cam switching device with up to 8 exits.

Fault indication system with first value message

With the program STOER.S16 a fault detection/indication system with 8 reporting inputs, first value
message, 8 reporting outputs and a collecting reporting output is realized.

The switching status of the reporting inputs is directly visible at the LED’s.

The fault indication system can be extended by adding further SPEEDY’s at will. By simple software adjustment also last value message can be realized.

SPEEDY as program control for neon advertisement 

Speedy, equipped with the program NEONSPDY.S16, realizes temporal controls to activate for example neon advertisement announcements impressively one behind the other.

By wiring of the inputs, e.g. by means of cable links or selector switches simply different program sequences can be selected without intervening in the SPEEDY program.

The step times are adjustable at the SPEEDY potentiometer. Of course this program can be used also as basis for other successive sequential circuits, e.g. ventilation flap secondary controls.

Conveyor-belt controller

The program FBAND.S16 realizes a conveyor-belt controller for successive transportation systems. A light barrier monitoring ensures that it cannot come to material collisions at the junction points.

Barrier control

SPEEDY is fast, small and inexpensive - an optimal condition for the employment as gate and barrier control. With the program SCHRANKE.S16 SPEEDY ZX8 changes to a gate/barrier-control with light barrier monitoring and traffic light control.

With small modifications the program is also successfully in use for roll gate controls of doors in hospitals.


The program examples stated here are a free component of our software-tool EX_PRESS 4. The source code is com-
mentated and thus easy to understand. A function warranty that this software under all conditions without examination works error free to the individual case, cannot be taken over.

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