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VMN series: Micro switches. For the series use, the switches are available in a number of additional variants.


Conversion Actuating force:

1 Gram-force [gf] = 0,980664999999998 Zentinewton [cN]

Product Page: VMN - Subminiature Switch

Eigenschaft Wert
Applications Home appliances, electronic tools,
automatic production machines, air conditioning
Mounting 2 screws M3
Contact 1 switch-over contact
Switching capacity AC 250 V; 16 A depending on variant
Connection Solder plug, flat connector 6.3 mm
Actuator Plunger / flat lever / twisted lever
Actuating force B (6-18 gf; depending on variant)
D (13-45 gf; depending on variant)
N (25-75 gf; depending on variant)
L (30-110 gf; depending on variant)
S (49-170 gf; depending on variant)
H (70-230 gf; depending on variant)
Specify H (120-330 gf; depending on variant)
Width x height x depth 28 x 16 x 10.3 mm (basic element)
Order No. VMN-10S-00A0Z
Plunger, solder plug
Order No. VMN-10S-02A0Z
Flat lever 27 mm, solder plug
Order No. VMN-10S-04C0Z
Twisted lever 24 mm, flat lever