Product Page: ENQ4 - Fault Indicator System

The electronic ENQ4 fault indicator system offers a complete fault indicator unit for recording unapproved operating conditions such as excessive pressure or excessive temperature in a compact design.

ENQ are successfully used with compressors, automatic production machines, vehicles, heating systems and air-conditioners.

The collective alarm contact is enabled as soon as a fault alarm input opens. The machine is switched off or an alarm warning is given out till the fault is acknowledged. The fault is displayed on the front side.

Several modules can be arranged next to one another in the form of a tableau.

Feature Value
Applications Compressors, automatic production machines,
vehicles, heating systems,
Supply voltage AC 230 V / DC 24 V
Inputs Inputs
4 fault report inputs: saving, reporting by opening
1 additional function
Output 1 NC (group message)
Max. switching capacity relay output AC 250 V; 8 A; 2000 VA
LED display 1x green: uninterrupted operation, output switched on
4x red: fault message, output switched off
Width x height x depth 48 x 48 x 108 mm
panel mounting
Order No. 583000 / 583002
Order No. frontframe 583010