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Safety Timer

The SCB is a universally applicable safety timer, with which the moving parts of a machine or plant can be brought to a standstill quickly and safely. Depending upon the configuration, the safety outputs connect on-delay, off-delay or without delay independent of one another. A simple and accurate time parametrization is possible with a push/rotary button and the built-in display.

Extensive monitoring measures are indicated on the display with detailed error messages. Thus, the SCB not only offers the clear and simple functionality of a safety relay, but also the advantages of safety control devices.

Additionally, the diverse outputs enable a safe shutdown of furnaces in continuous operation according to EN 50156-1 and 746-2.

The safe mini timer SCB replaces obsolete pneumatic time relays

Previously used pneumatic time relays usually no longer meet the state of the art. A standard-compliant protection of the system is therefore no longer possible.

The SCB ensures the current state of the art both in the case of a retrofit and when new burner systems are installed, thus ensuring conformity with the applicable standards.

The SCB series offers different types with 2 safe semiconductor and/or 2 safe relay contacts:

No matter in which industry they are needed: we have the right type of safety time relay:



Safety contacts /outputs


Auxilliary contacts / outputs


1 / 2 channel wiring

Width in mm

Industry / Certificates



















The Safety Timer with 2 safe semiconductor and 2 safe relay outputs

The Safety Timer with 3 safe semiconductor outputs

The Safety Timer with 2 safe relay outputs

All these variants are available with the following adjustable delay times:

  • up to 99 sec
  • up to 99 min
  • up to 99 h


New switching function of the auxiliary outputs ease the retrofit

With the new variants of the mini safety timer SCB (e.g. SCB-02-01) you have the possibility to integrate the auxiliary outputs, analogue to the classic relay technique, inverted to the control concept. Especially in the case of a retrofit, it ease the exchange of an old, not state of the art pneumatic time relay.

New function for an automatic re-triggering leads to less system downtime as well as less intervention through the operating personal

Depending on the plant, short-term triggering of limit controller e.g. for temperature, pressure or flow can’t always be avoided. Resulting switch-off leads to unnecessary downtimes as well as to higher personal effort by necessary confirmation.

With the new configuration of the SCB series (e.g. SCB-02 with configuration “Pr06”) this problem is solved.  

Triggering of a limit controller can be filtered by the parametrized switch off-delay from the SCB. By repossession of the trigger signal the running time of the SCB is re-triggered and therefore the shutdown is prevented. If the maximal permitted time of the limit exceeding the SCB ensures a safe switch of. For restart a confirmation of the operator is necessary.    

The new functions of the automatic re-triggering leads to an increase of the system availability.

New SCB function for a delayed reset signal for preventing accidental confirmations

With the new function “delayed resetting” of the variants SCB-04 and SCB-04-01 with the configuration “Pr27” the danger of an accidental resetting of the safety system can be prevented.

Via the SCB a time limited reset signal is created in an area of risk. This signal has to be confirmed within the parametrized delay time outside the risk area. An accidental start with persons located in the area of risk can therefore be prevented.

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